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Words and image inspired by ‘Sagittarius A*’, the Supermassive Black Hole in the centre of our galaxy. Tested with modern technology a few months ago for the first time, Sagittarius A* confirmed a bunch of Einstein’s theories, unleashing a world of new discoveries.

Every element in this image was built from Kate’s body, adding patterns that I created from different photos of her, tied up from the ceiling in my studio. Lots of layers, each fractal is a layer, which I added one by one in Photoshop, as an attempt to replicate the multitude of dimensions, universes and possibilities inside each one of us. Perfect souls.

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The beauty of those moments,
when you meet your surrendered self.
Just before you break free,
from that prison you have built; 
brick by brick.
Where you stay stuck,
for what feels like an eternity.

You collapse into yourself,
and you meet the mirror of honesty.

The tangible taste of freedom.
The sweet scent of truth.

As fast as the speed of light,
you start to piece
your shattered bits together.
Wondering if the gravitational pull
of this particular Black Hole,
is the very thing attracting all your light;
Or if its blackest blackness, 
is attracting, you, instead.
They rather happen at the same time;
Spin off the back of each other’s co-dependency.
Like creatures fighting for territory,
upending the space around them.
Trillions of connections being made
at the same time.
Inside of you.
Inside of me.
A piece of Universe dust. A tiny slice of perfection.
When does it start you, where does it end me?
Infinite combinations.


Enormous star in the centre of your galaxy,
compressed into itself by it’s own heaviness,
and the intense gravity
of all the nothingness around it.
The absented matter that you cannot understand.
Debris of Darkness.

That weigh on your shoulders
is even.
It follows the equations of perfection,
A golden ratio.
Keeping you attached to the ground
you are walking on,
every second of right now.

Exhale, Spinning light.
Allow your cells to mingle;
Like they were designed to do.

However this old black hole must live up to the modern test.
If even Newton was wrong,
and even Einstein got depressed.
The mysteries of Reality;
Perhaps lie within the depths of Perception.
Beyond the equations of 
General Relativity.
Are you moving forward? and upwards?
On a spiral of space/time?
Are you expanding, are you looking inside?
Or are you just rushing by?
Ignoring the existence of the opposing forces,
that are pulling you back.
Think of the clues that make you gasp for air.
Your Fear versus your Expansion.
Your Shame versus your Freedom.
Don’t attack the Unknown. 
Look it in the eye, with compassion.
Don’t blindly trust the money driven beings.
Science alone won’t figure you out. 
Religion alone won’t introduce you to god.
Medicine will take a gamble on your life, for pure profit.
There is ancient healing knowledge to catch up on.
Healing of body, mind and soul.
We must stop killing our indigenous tribes, our ancestors.
Our selfless teachers.
We need to learn this before they are gone.
Remember, there are infinite combinations;
nothing is so black and white.
There are so many others colours,
other than concrete.
Maybe we can create a bacteria that will thrive by eating plastic.
Everything is layered, everything is possible.
Everything is important and nothing matters at the same time.
Have faith in your gut, write down your dreams.

Listen to the abundant amount of brain cells in your gut

*Question everything else*

And if you find yourself feeling crazy and like you don’t know who to trust:
make decisions based on your most basic, original truth: 
The purest form of love for all creatures.

A 2019-style call to prayer for the rebels to rebel (from inside).

A new year.

Juliana Scodeler


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