“Be careful, lest in casting out your demon you exorcise the best thing in you.”  – F. Nietzsche

Hi there little internet termites,

I created this image during my last trip to Berlin. I couldn’t sleep for hours so decided to go for a stroll around the neighbourhood in the middle of the night. I wasn’t feeling very creative and I wasn’t sure what I was looking for. After about an hour of taking very uninteresting photos I  walked back to the hall of the apartment – I looked at this window and noticed that it’s surface resembled water and something became clear: I desperately needed to let out some emotions and feelings that were keeping me from sleeping. I took a few photos of myself hanging on the outside of the window and then composited with water drops and splashes in post processing.

This piece is called “Let me in”  – a good image is worth more than a billiontazilion words so maybe I shouldn’t really have written all this – I’m hoping you will make your own interpretation of it according to your own demons and perceptions – but I just wanted to leave here a little message for you: Fear smothers you like if you were drowning in a pool of negativity. That overwhelming sensation we are so familiar with, which stops us from loving completely, from creating, from eliminating our prejudices, from getting to know others and ourselves on a deeper level.

I suggest that today you try and be more open to accepting love from others – let them have a little peek inside your heart – and while you do this you might as well let your own self completely take over your body, squeezing out any recurrent fears that have no longer any room inside you. Though we learn from understanding our fears, there is no deep thinking that teaches us more than feeling our feelings. So feel the fear and let it out, as you transform, your demons today are your friends tomorrow.

J. Scodeler over and out. xxxx



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