Nude fine art photographer Juliana Scodeler

Model: Kevin Smith @kevsmith409 Photo/Concept/Words/Set Design/Post-Production: Juliana Scodeler @juscodeler

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The hibiscus is the flower of the Hindu Goddess Kali. They contain high doses of oestrogen in their basic composition, however ironically, hibiscus flowers represent masculinity in the most feminine way. The bark of the hibiscus contains super strong bast fibres, that can be obtained by letting the stripped bark set in the sea, to let the organic material rot away. Flowers transcend the borders of gender. I placed the flowers on the captured soldier’s skin, in the shape of wounds. An allusion to the beauty of ceremonies, no matter what you believe in. Showing respect and kindness to the soul that resides inside an enemy. I built part of the mold in Photoshop, using photos I took of nori sushi leaves, for texture. They can symbolise death too. Perhaps the death of old ideas which no longer belong to a time when humans desperately long for peace.

Solid ships are but transient.
Moving particles vibrating at their own frequencies.
Perception of solidity.
Ports are nothing but temporary.
An instinctual final attempt to cast oestrogen fuel
to a descending vessel.
The winter of things.
Stripped bark sets in the sea.
As the organic material rots away,
a mystic strong fibre emerges.
Transformation of states.

Old concepts are fleeting. Pain is temporary.

A new Ireland. Full of forgiveness.


Juliana Scodeler

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