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‘Caught between two realities’  by Juliana Scodeler – Essaouira, Morocco 2018.


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Caught between two realities.
The fugacity of a layered present.
The one you had been experiencing up to that moment,
when you felt like your mind cracked.
A delicate web of situations which you have been weaving without considering any of the patterns.
Sewing shut your traumas not to trigger your past.
Not to encounter your fears.
Walking through layers upon layers of soul corrupting events,
until you reach that point, crashing within.
Diving inside.
Rummaging the internal mud,
for lack of a better option.
Cracked mind.
The dimension of depth within your brain.
Where everything makes sense for a split second.
Where all is connected by a sense of familiarity.
Forget for a minute everything your ego identifies with:
what you wear,
where you are from,
forget your mother tongue for a moment.
Forget your face, let it blur.
Everything is working at a speed you cannot grasp,
just so you can take your next breath.
Happy is good
Sad is bad
When sad is an opportunity to
Let go
You have absorbed the idea that you are searching for happiness.
When the most plausible truth,
in this reality,
seems to be that we are all searching for peace.
The original peace.
Before braving seas and trading souls for mirrors.
When we followed the stars.
When we followed the wind
In a place where we had no form. No shape.
A rush of calmness which emanates from your core.
Upwards, touching your cells,
through the living electricity of your spinal cord.
Carrying your ancestors informations.
Their burdens.
Their glories.
Reaching your intricate, alive, brain-gut-heart machine.
An unlimited source and unique weapon,
capable of fighting by your side.
Against your own lack of awareness.
Relentless signalling machine.
Sometimes deafening.
Sometimes numb.
Whispers from inside
Oil me up
with your
Have you ever felt like someplace was the exact place where you were supposed to be at that precise moment?
Caught between two realities.

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