“Be my next bodyscape” competition.

Well, hi again you little competition hoarders,

I’m looking for a human to be the subject of a new project called “Quarried”, so I’m running this competition where I will photograph a lovely nude of the winner’s body with a very specific style, which you can get a sense by the photos you see on this post.

The idea is to challenge the standards of beauty imposed by the media and society, exposing naked people of all body shapes, while creating organic bodyscapes that resemble nature’s diverse landscapes.

They will be contrasty close-ups of several parts of the body, showing skin, scars, pores and other so called imperfections, to give my subjects self confidence and help them face whatever insecurities they might have in relation to their appearance.

In the making of Quarried I intend to investigate the human body as a rich and abundant source of beauty, I will challenge myself to convey this overly explored concept of bodyscapes with the idea of a quarry, which is where you extract things from. In this case I intend to obtain experiences, emotions, talents and burdens from my subjects in the hope of making them feel better about themselves and embrace their uniqueness.

So, if you think this project was made for you or if you know anyone who will be interested, please tag them on the competition Facebook post or participate yourself by clicking Here.
Remember, all body shapes, no age restriction (well, over 18’s only) – I think this might just fit you like a glove. Just a glove and nothing else, like, totally au naturel.

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