Is there anybody out there?

Hello internet termites,

My first blog post, finally. I imagine this post won’t reach as many people as I would like it to –  but this is the one thing that makes it even more special. It is quite personal to me and it allows me to talk to you a bit more closely. I think this is going to be the tone of this blog anyway, approaching things that are close to my heart, photography included but also other ideas, projects and some behind the scenes to show you how I create the things you will see here.

In my opinion, the best way to start something new is by embedding things you love and understand into such task and that is why I chose the following images to share with you.

Last Sunday we celebrated my bestest friend’s 4th birthday. I took the birthday girl, Madalena, on what turned out to be a lovely day out in Howth (Ireland). Surrounded by boats, nature, ice-creams and some of Maddie’s best friends we climbed Howth Head for the gorgeous views you can get from up there. The sunset happened as we reached the bottom of the hill again and this just reminded of how much beauty this planet has to offer right at our doorsteps.

I have also included in this post some photos I took of the sky in Sligo a couple of weeks ago. You can see some shooting stars and The Milky Way too. I think they fit right in not just visually but they also match the feeling I got while photographing the images from Maddie’s birthday. While fine tuning my settings for the photos of the stars I really experienced the fact that our planet spins crazy fast (1037 miles/hr at the Equator according to Nasa). So I hope that any time you think you are stuck, that you are not moving forward or moving on, you remember that we are constantly spinning and that the next minute you are not in the same place anymore. There’s always a chance to change your perspective.

The experience of taking these photos also made me reflect on how happy you can be in an instant, going from exhausted and stressed out to overwhelmingly blissful just by breathing fresh air and looking at nature.

Madalena’s love and loyalty to me inspires me to keep photographing whenever I find myself stuck and I hope this can give you an injection of love and inspiration too.

Ps: And yes, of course, for those who don’t know that yet: Maddie is a wow wow.

Warm regards,

Juliana Scodeler.

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