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Where are you Silence? I’m searching for you.

You’ve got to be there somewhere.

It’s just that…I haven’t heard you in a long time,

and the thought of losing you is really hard to bear.

I have climbed a few mountains,

in the middle of nowhere.

I have been to many places where I was

the only person there.

Where no noise was to be heard

apart from the occasional little bird

gliding through the air.

Even at the loneliest hours,

When scrubbing my mind

off all persistent thoughts and ideas.

Even on top of that mountain,

feeling wholesome and grateful.

Even with an open heart and a bare soul.

Even then, I try to find you…

but I feel like you are hiding

within the complexity of my being.

Somewhere between the depths of my mysteries

and my unresolved traumas.

Noise. Buzzing. In. My. Head.

Noise, my old reliable friend.

You are so consistent,

you are always with me,

every single place I go.

Sometimes I wonder how can my brain

function with all of your distracting it.


Contradictory as it sounds,

I can’t hear you.

Tinnitus – by Juliana Scodeler


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